… what you might want to know about the 786 Global Tour Project, but a quick word about myself for starters:
“I myself am NOT important – not at all!”
This being said, I am aware that such total lack of vanity is so uncommon, that I will have to talk a bit about myself: If you really want to know more about “me”, you’ll find it in “Part 3” below…..

Part 1: 786 Global Tour Project explained as short as possible:

…or “would be” – if we would only stand and march united.
But we don’t – for different “reasons”, but the reason doesn’t matter, the fact itself remains.
“Greed” and “Vanity” – the “evil twins of humanity” have something to do with that, sometimes, but not always.
i.e. the “large NGO’s”, I do believe that most of them, started out actually believing in their mission, just as much as I believe in ours.
But as they grew, they started to realize, that no matter how loud they became, how crazy and dangerous their actions were staged, nothing really happened. As in “literally NOTHING”!
So, can they really be blamed, that eventually they all gave up?
Reducing themselves to the “Business-Model” they had discovered, sort of “by accident”.
An “Army of Volunteers” did the heavy lifting…… once it was elevated to “professionally collecting” the donations flowed like mighty rivers ….and for the “Brass” it putting 6 – 7 digit annual incomes into their personal coffers.
“If you can’t change the misery of the world – at least soften the blow this has on yourself!”
NOT what the “public” (yet alone them volunteers) would expect, but hey,…. *shrug

At the same time there are literally thousands of small and tiny groups fighting for the one cause or the other. Often enough on a rather local level.
What they struggle most (next to with “being noticed”) is the constant lack of funds and hands.
Consequently collaborating with other “small groups” doesn’t make any sense, as it imposes the “threat” that the one or other of your own “hands” might find that other group more attractive, or one of your few sponsors might find the “exposure” that can be enjoyed with them “other ones” better and “change camp”.
NOT something you’d want to risk if you are fighting one of these equally small as desperate battles against ignorance….

And then there are them “Individualists”, them “Nonconformists” who are literally prone to “wake up first”.
Not “following the piper” is far more likely to give you an unobstructed view of what really is going on and consequently almost inevitably makes you wake up long before the “rest”.
I happen to know a few of “those”, and a really proud to call the one or other a dear friend….. but such “Individualists” not only do not follow the masses, they are equally unlikely to join any other type of “organisation”. …..so they keep walking and fighting alone.

The result?
Even so we, them “Environmentalists” would, in theory, be “plenty enough” to change things on this planet for the better – in reality we are not.
We may be “hundreds of thousands”, if viewed globally, but lacking any “backbone” that is effective but yet not only “nonthreatening” but also actually beneficial to join and become part of, while not demanding the surrender of the (necessary!) independence – we really DO NOT MATTER – hence we lack the power in reality to become the change we actually see the need for!

786 Global does not have any intention to ever become a “big player”!
Sure we too will need a few volunteers to get the project off the ground, and for that purpose we will also need some donations, but the concept for financing ourselves does not only NOT THREATEN(!) the existing groups, it actually is designed to give them “additional exposure” AND help financing them at the same time!
…on the “long run” we want to have a small, but highly effective team, operating globally, full time, while earning a “fair living wage”.
NO EXCEPTIONS for the “Brass”!
Any “additional funds” we can (and will be able to!) raise and generate will actually be used to support the many groups and individuals already fighting that “mother of all battles”!

…”them” referring to the members of the “general public” who would be truly understanding the need for “us” (as in “us = humanity”) to win this war!

Sure there is plenty of information available, but only in theory.
One would have to “want” to dig into the subject in order to wake up. But our fellow human beings are kept truly busy with trying to make “ends meet”.
Its difficult enough to worry about how to survive today, tomorrow, until the end of the month, without diving into “essential questions about the survival of this planet and/or mankind in general”!

The very limited time left, when not busy to fight their own little “wars for survival”, the time left to surf the internet, to enjoy some “couching” behind the TV is unlikely to be “wasted” on collecting information of potentially very grave nature!
Facebook & Co. offers plenty of “easy listening distraction”;
“Cute Cat Pictures”
“Adorable Puppy Videos”
‘”Easy to comprehend Memes”
with a “maximum minimum” of text that could potentially cause “confusion”…….
There are even plenty of truly excellent(!) documentaries on TV – but NOT during prime-time! Those are usually being aired past midnight……
“Prime Time” is being reserved for “easy entertainment”, preferably of the sort that offers the illusion to the audience to actually having a say in the “outcome”……

To make matters worse, everybody(!) who has reached the point to understand how urgent this “Environmentalist War” is, almost has no other choice but to resort to “preaching”, to “lecturing” – and neither is something the “average public” would appreciate in their scarce “spare time”.

So, how on earth are “we”, as in: any one of us “activists”, supposed to deliver the message we have, that truly urgent message?

The “786 Global Tour”-Project is designed to overcome that exact problem!
Simply by ways of creating and delivering exactly what the “masses” crave: ENTERTAINMENT!

Suitable for PRIME TIME!
Suitable for distribution via “Social Media”!
Simply put, the 786 Global Tour will take the audience “at home” on an exciting journey around the world. Teams from different countries will meet aboard our flagship (AMIBON, which we bought and refurbished for that very purpose!) and compete against each other – but in a way that requires team-work most of all!
No need to script too much in advance (well, maybe some scripting) because the Oceans will provide for plenty “adventure”!
At the same time the audience at home can not only enjoy the entertainment provided by the competition, enjoy the sights of places they otherwise would probably never get to visit and see, but also have a say in the outcome of the “show” by ways of s.c. “audience participation” – i.e. “voting” for their favorite candidates via phone-call or texting.
……and the winner of each season will be awarded with a nice cash prize making all that struggle worth the effort!
You now are inclined to say: “So what’s new about that concept?”
Which is the beauty of it! No need to “sell” a “totally new concept” to the public around the world.
It after all is, innocent enough, “just entertainment”.
That for the stations airing it, has the additional advantage not to “cost” them anything!
They will not only be provided with the content “ready to air” but also “free of charge” – plus they will receive a share of the “dial-in proceeds”.
All they need to offer in exchange is a “Prime Time Slot on their Station”!
A “no-brainer” for any TV station’s executive!
While we deliver “entertainment” – we also deliver constant messages about the condition “Mother Earth” is in.
Subtle at times, drastic at others.
Some of the competitions will take place aboard and while sailing, some might be staged in collaboration with “local environmental groups” – what a great way to also introduce those to a huge, “global audience”?!

Once you realize the revenue these “Audience Participation Dial In Shows” have the potential to generate, it is easy to see, that there will be plenty of funds to finance all we are hoping to finance – and more.

“So, but just because people are watching the “786 Global Tour” TV-show does not yet mean that they will “wake up”?!”
True! But at least “most people”, if constantly subjected to a certain type of information, will, sooner or later want to “find out more”.
The first threads to follow they will be able to find right here on this website, our own Social Media Accounts, our Youtube-Channel. …..and whatever someone WANTS to learn on his or her own accord, will also “stick”.

====== End of “Part 1” ======

Part 2: Some additional back-ground on the 786 Global Tour Project:

I recently found an old note-pad of mine (one of those made of paper!) and it contained some ideas I had charted down concerning the basic concept that eventually did lead to the 786 Global Tour project.
It had a date.
Some time in the mid 1990’s.
So I have been contemplating this issue for a long time!

I have started to create videos about the whole concept and the underlying problem(s) as I see them, which you can find on the new Youtube-Channel of “786 Global Tour” – so I am not going to elaborate here about anything I have already explained in them videos.

Unless you are some “one-of-a-kind” stubborn (and/or moronic) fool clinging on to your pretty capitalistic believes “for dear life”, denying the facts in order maintain your (destructive) life-style … there is not the least bit of a doubt that we, mankind, humanity, are killing the very planet we depend on to live on.
And we are destroying it at a speed that is (almost literally) “breath taking”.
There are people who are elevating the occasional error of scientists in their predicting the next devastating events to be “proof” that the entire concept we are talking about is “false”.
They seem not to get, that it is very difficult to predict when mankind will have destroyed this planet to a point with no come-back.
Easy to understand: It has never happened before!

When that first started to dawn on me, because I simply could watch it happen right in front of my own eyes while sailing the oceans of this world, my first reaction was to look for some “NGO” to join, to make my help available for tackling these problems.

After many conversations and a lot of research I came to the conclusion that there are two main problems that need to be overcome prior to us (and that planet of ours) having as little as a chance for survival:
(a) we’d need to get communication and collaboration going between the hundreds and thousands of groups and activists around the world, and
(b) we need to find a way to communicate the problems to the “masses”. Too many who literally still have “no idea”…..

There is one “true luxury” I have pampered myself with during my entire life; Even at times when my business-ventures generated nice financial cushions, I did not spend that money on “vanities” but used it to again and again “buy myself” some “time out”.
Time to watch, to think, to observe, to talk, to investigate.

The 786 Global Tour Project actually is, especially when looked at its process of development and designing, a “no brainer”. It is just the logical conclusion of the “problems” as I got to see them (and learn from people I spoke to).

It equally was a “no-brainer” to take of whatever was left of the money I had made during my entire life and invest it into building this project. I after all have no kids, the future of whom I would need to also secure financially.

I made two mistakes since the “initial launch” of this project in 2009:
(A) I thought that I needed to FIRST build the project and only THEN embark on finding people willing to join me on this “journey”.
Same holds true for literally exhausting my own and personal financial resources, rather than seeking additional funding much sooner.
(B) I bought the “wrong boat”. To my excuse it was (and still is!) the perfect vessel for this project. Pretty to the eye (important on TV), extremely well and solid build (important for the places we plan to visit) and affordable to me (important for my own financial abilities).
I had no way of knowing upfront that I would end up having to fight the most intense criminal energy I have ever come across in my entire life over this very vessel.
A fight, a war, that is still ongoing, (see a bit more information on www.Amibon.com ) – but at least I now am in the process of not repeating “mistake A” as mentioned above.

So: Join in! What are you waiting for? 🙂

====== End of “Part 2” ======

Part 3: About the creator of the 786 Global Tour Project:

A bit more than just “one paragraph” about me myself:
My name is Peter Brucha, I was born in Austria in 1960, have fallen in love with them oceans (and with sailing) at a rather early age – and have never fallen out of that love again.
I was extremely lucky to having been able to start out into this live with a few “privileges” most people don’t have.
(None of those “my accomplishments”, so nothing to be “proud of”)
My love for Scuba-Diving and Sailing are rather costly affairs, so I ended up in the world of business, had my share of successes and of (at times even devastating) defeats – in summary I was able to accumulate some wealth, no fortunes, but enough that I would have been able to live out the rest of my life without having to work, and without depending on any “government handouts”.
(and THAT is “my accomplishment” and THAT I AM proud of).

Despite actually a lot of people claiming to the contrary, I have never committed a crime in my life (another thing I am proud of, because I most certainly would have known “how to”.)

Given my love for the Oceans (above and below the surface) it is hardly surprising that I have turned into a somewhat “fierce environmentalist” over the years. To someone like me, who has seen and experienced what I have seen and experienced in the last some 45+ years, anyone seriously denying that our planet is dying, – and that we will die with it(!) – ranks at “total moron” with me.
I don’t get these people (because the knowledge and information is out there, without anyone having to embark on any journey to see for himself) – and my “personal tolerance” for such people is extremely low.

But it is somewhat surprising that I, being the “reclusive” I prefer to be, also have a huge love for Humanity in general and a lot of truly good, ethical, valuable, emphatic…. Humans in particular.
I don’t have many friends, and those I have I am absolutely loyal to – something that is not always reciprocated, a fact I have learned to live with. Even my “Ex-wifes”, some of which really would deserve to rot in hell for all eternity, I don’t hate, and I would still help them if they turned to me if in distress.

Most surprising is the number of people who seem to hate me(!) from the bottom of their hearts!
Funny enough most of these “haters” I have never met, never spoken to, never exchanged any words with, and most certainly never did harm them in any other way, that would justify that amount of hate.
You’d have to ask them, or (most likely) get them on the couch of some “Psycho-the-rapist” to find out what relays in their brains have suffered such a melt-down.
For I actually don’t care! (Which might contribute to them getting even more infuriated?).
There is one guy in Germany, I know his name and all, who has been literally stalking me for the last some 20 years(!) and who has made it his life’s mission to twist any “fact” he thinks to have learned about me, into yet another occasion to fill the internet with “libel and slander” about me. Anonymously, of course, people like that are always cowards, but when asked he even admits that it is him. (Some weird “pride” even in that.)
Actual reason why he hates me so much?
He is a militant non-smoker, and I not only enjoy my Cigarettes and Cigars, I also know everything about this subject and consequently see no reason whatsoever to quit.
Actually I have come to appreciate(!) his anonymous rants against me – because they are extremely easy to find when “googling” me, and they consequently help me to differ between possible “new friends” and those I prefer not to be acquainted with anyway: How? Simple! Those that ask me about what they have “found” or better yet, let me know that they found that stuff but don’t care for anonymous libel and slander, have the potential to become friends – those that quietly rather go on a run, I am much better off without anyways. 🙂

Anyways: You see; I can be made the reason to start a wholehearted discussion about me as a person – which, in case of the 786 Global Project would be extremely counter-productive. This is about the cause we have subscribed to, and that is a more than urgent matter, and should never be bastardized into a discussion whether someone likes me – or doesn’t.
As mentioned, not worth the effort anyways, because I seriously don’t care what anyone thinks about me.

I have created this project and have invested everything I was able to invest into it, because I seriously believe that it can make a huge difference for the future of this planet – and all the creatures living on it, on land, in the air, in the seas – including but of course not limited to – all Humans; Including them haters.
I do not expect anything “in return”;
Not even “recognition”.
So lets just focus on what is important and end any and all discussion about me personally before it even begins.

====== End of “Part 3” ======