It’s 3:30 am, December 7th 2021…. and finally, after some two hours of failing to add or edit content of our new website, I found out that it just doesn’t work with Firefox, but with Edge it seems to work!
Grand! Don’t you just love stuff like that?
Thanks God for sailing having taught me, among other stuff, that sleep is over rated anyway! LOL

Actually I would really like to build this new website for the 786 Global Tour project multilingual from start, and even so I could cover English and German myself, I do not yet know how to set things up in way that not only the “author” (i.e. in the moment “me!”) can toggle between the different languages, but also the users.
…..and since it would be nice to get this up and running at least in all(!) the “major languages” right away, and since my Spanish su**s (at best), my Swedish and my Hebrew are “faint memories” (also: at best) and my French, and my Russian yet alone any other language is absolutely in-existent – I might as well stick to keeping this website in English for the moment.
(But I sure would love to change that soon! So: Join in! The “Language-Group” is waiting for you!)

Next on the agenda for today is to write an “About” page, because it seems that this is really important for you to understand what “we” (I!) and this project really is about and why I seriously believe that the work ahead of us not only is immensely important, but could also be the “game-changer” for humanity, society and most of all “Mother Nature” since we all DEPEND on her well-being, no matter if some individuals comprehend that, or continue to believe that all of us environmentalists are just “fear-mongers”.

I’ll also try to create a “place-holder” page for the Forum / Bulletin-Board I hope to be able to create as a meeting point, as a place where YOU(!?!) can easily sign up at, to participate in one of the many specific “Task-Groups” I hope to build.

Enough for my “first posting” to the blog page, now lets see if that works as expected…..
Oh, ….and while I am at it:
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