Sorry for the roadworks…..
As extremely annoying as the
loss of all our websites (thanks be to Godaddy) was – we have
decided to see this as an opportunity for a fresh start.
Thanks to the really impressive courtesy of our new “host” here, we can at least start to redesign the 786 Global Tour website;
This one! ….. although it will surely take a while until it is back the way it should be.

This is also a great opportunity not to do it “all alone” again, but to invite YOU to be part of it from the beginning and to contribute!

Here(?) should then be a link to an organigram of how we will structure the
structure the new start and hopefully also coordinate your help.
your help.

There will also be a link to a video about this new concept for our structure.
this new concept for our structure, as soon as it will be available on our
(also new!) Youtube – Channel.
Have a look at
and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel, because it will
subscribe to the channel, because this will help us a lot in the ranking of
ranking on youtube, which helps us to reach more people for the important work
work we are committed to.

all the tasks on my own again, but my “learning curve” is almost
my “learning curve” is almost “vertical” because everything on this new website is
on this new website is also new to me. So, please, page
“book-mark” and check in from time to time – you will see that
things will develop quickly.

Finally, perhaps the most important question you might have:
What is this 786 Global Tour Project all about?
question I will try to answer on a separate page,
as soon as I figure out how to set up such an “about” page!
page!  🙂