This should be a Contact Form, ….one with Captcha, and whatnot to prevent the ever present Spamers from flooding our mail-inbox.
(you guys, you know who I am talking about!, truly are an incredibly annoying lot. Leeches sucking on the blood of other people’s work. If I would ever wish an entire group of people to go to hell, it would be you.)
For the time being all I can offer you for “contact” would be to head over to Facebook and send a PM to one of the admins listed with our groups there:

The ENGLISH group:
(Do not contact the “Leo Bauer” Profile, Facebook in all their wisdom has decided to delete that account!)

As an “Environmentalist” one does get used to being attacked for the simple reason, of being an “environmentalist”.
I truly and honestly have no clue, haven’t figured out why some people hate us that much!
Yes, we often enough are in the way of “Profit” – but profit is ALWAYS in the way of retaining this planet of ours as a “habitable one”
(And one would assume that having a place to live at, is more important than grabbing a few more coins on the way to destruction?)